Knowing your credit profile is the first step towards home ownership. A good credit score improves your chances of your home loan application being approved

Your Housing Company has partnered with LUCID Clear Credit (LUCID), to be our credit rehabilitation partner. They have a proven and reliable track record

We encourage our clients, who require credit rehabilitation, to work with LUCID to get them in a position to become successful home owners

Who is LUCID Clear Credit?

LUCID Clear Credit started its credit rehabilitation services in 2003

LUCID assists more than 1,000 people each month and to date, has assisted more than 110,000 people to secure bank finance for their car or home

The company has developed 14 proprietary credit rehabilitation services

Each service is built on a consumer’s legal rights, enshrined in South Africa’s consumer rights legislation. That means that credit rehabilitation success is guaranteed, provided the consumer has the legal grounds

LUCID’s founding members and current directors are admitted Advocates

LUCID currently employs more than 10 in-house attorneys and has built a panel of some 150 contracted attorneys throughout the country

LUCID has developed specific and extensive legal skills and relationships, in the credit industry. This allows LUCID direct access to credit bureaus and bank’s systems and relationships at the highest levels to get effective outcomes and efficient resolution

What is Credit Rehabilitation?

Credit rehabilitation, is the process through which, your creditworthiness and affordability is improved to a level that meets the bank’s standard

In short, credit rehabilitation results in the bank approving your finance, second time round, after it initially declined your application

How does LUCID Clear Credit do that?

LUCID is the only company that can:

- rescind a judgment, without the debt being fully repaid

- remove a consumer from debt review, without all the debts being fully repaid

- remove a consumer from administration, without all the debts being fully repaid

- improve a consumer’s credit score by more than 100 points, within 2 months

- build a consumer’s credit score from 0 to more than 500 points, within 2 months

- remove blacklistings on the credit bureau within 20 days etc.

Using your legal rights, LUCID represents you and forces:

- credit bureaus to correct, remove and update negative information; and

- banks/lenders to stop legal action, write-off debt and offer you lower repayment terms

This improves your credit worthiness and the likelihood of the bank approving your loan

Why we partner with and recommend LUCID

Once you have completed the credit rehabilitation process and improved your creditworthiness and affordability, LUCID notifies us. We then re-submit your application to the banks and successfully get your finance approved

Before LUCID, if a bank declined a client’s application, that was the end of the process. There was nothing more we could do for you. You were left with no options or recourse and no hope of ever owning a car or home of your own. This accounted for almost half of our finance applications

With LUCID’s credit rehabilitation, you have a second chance!

We have a great record of getting finance applications approved, second time round, after the client has gone through LUCID’s credit rehabilitation

LUCID has helped us to get more finance applications approved by banks and LUCID has helped our clients to realise their dreams of car and home ownership

We have partnered with LUCID, because we have seen results and have benefited from our relationship. We believe that you will too

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